The TV Commercial & Video Production Company That Philadelphia & NYC Firms Call.

Our studio provides Philadelphia and NYC companies with the best cinematographers, directors and tv commercial producers in the business. ACP video production house creates internet multimedia, television commercials and provides film production services.

We love what we do and it shows! Our clients include some of NYC’s largest firms and you will find us in New Jersey and Philadelphia from time to time as well. And they are all interested in one thing: How can we make them money. Our video production company specializes in producing multimedia within Manhattan and the local boroughs. Our producers, directors and award winning cinematographers all know the in’s and out’s of doing business here. Whether we are producing a corporate video for Emerson or a tv commercial for McDonald’s, our film production team has the experience and clout to get the job done. If you are seeking a studio that services New York City, then you’re in good hands.  Our clients range from the automotive to food sectors. What level of professionalism do you want your creative partner to represent? How important is it for you, that they truly understand business and economics? Do they understand the way the real world is driven? We consider company politics when conducting business. It’s not good enough to just get the job done. We want it to be easy for your too.

TV commercial productions shot in Philadelphia and NYC is our specialty

From there we branch into television commercial production, corporate videos and public relations multimedia strategies. We even do app content videos. So, no matter what, we have you, your firm and your reputation covered. And speaking of reputation… We don’t stop at drop gorgeous images. We want you and your team to take the credit. Its not good enough for us to simply finish on time. All of our tv commercial production projects must be filmed in budget too. We want your colleagues to ask how you did it. We want the industry to keep scratching their heads. Producing corporate videos in NYC is a tough job, not to mention Philly and NJ, but we make it look easy.

Our clients range from Philly and Manhattan’s top ad agencies to fortune 100 companies.

Our services reflect the quality of our clients. Your customers expect the best from you and we deliver just that. How memorable is it? How engaging is the content? Is it unique or does it look like it was filmed by the same school kids that shot the commercial playing on local cable? We bet you are tired of waiting for your vender to call you back. Do you take forever to get back to your customers? Of course not! Lastly, do you know what separates you from your competition? We know what separates us from ours!

Our team has decades of experience in dealing with the corporate world. Real life situations, not some Hollywood fantasy. There is no delusion here with regards to what we do, or who we are or what you as our client needs to get done.  When it comes to multimedia we know what to ask. We find solutions that work. And you will find a life long partner.